Membership services
Membership services
Member services
What is a member 
"Membership" was initiated by the emperor Ke Founded by Emperor Collins, merchants and members of the tripartite alliance, for the majority of the owners of the home emperor Ke service organization. To meet the majority of the owners to create a better home environment is an urgent requirement for the owners to solve the market and quality are not familiar with the market before the renovation annoyance. Tai Ke company has always been "anxious owners anxious, I thought the owners want to" service philosophy, the founder of "membership will be." "Members will" to "become cumbersome for the happy home decoration" for the purpose, to provide convenient and reliable services to have any, use Dili Ke brand, integration of various material suppliers of quality products for the owners by the material supplier directly to "members will" member service, members enjoy preferential value. 
Why founder of "Member" 
   Owners urgent needs, what the owners want to provide diversified services. For the owners to create a comfortable, personalized home, I like to go to buy the main material. Due to objective reasons, it will produce a range of issues, in particular in the following areas: 
First, many of the first renovation of the owners, faced with an array of material loss, I do not know what brand to buy materials, where to buy; 
Second, some of the owners do not understand the use of material supplier prices and quality of decoration materials, weakness, often shoddy, reap unreasonable profits, so that the owners suffer 
Third, due to the general home improvement company is not the main material of the package, with the owners to purchase increases the amount of primary material takes more and more calls for decoration company owners to provide a more intimate main material procurement services.