Brand alliance
Brand advantage
Leading the new fashion of Chinese wine storage culture
1. Development orientation of TECO
Through sustained and steady development, adhering to the enterprise spirit of passion, excellence, innovation and enterprising, we will strive to become the founder and disseminator of Chinese wine storage culture.
2. Products of TECO
. The only professional enterprise from design to construction and production in China.
. A variety of products, and personalized custom wine cabinets, to meet the needs of different customers.
. Product design style, realize the perfect combination of traditional solid wood art and modern technology, and create a high-end brand;
3. TECO brand
. Industry famous influence leading brand, dedicated spirit, expert quality;
. National magazines, road signs, television, Internet and other multi-channel, all-round strong brand advertising support;
. Professional marketing team and brand marketing planning support;
4. TECO's market
. At present, the high-end solid wood compressor constant temperature wine cabinet, personalized customized wine cabinet, constant temperature cigar cabinet and other products produced by the company have won the recognition of customers at home and abroad. The overall cellar customers cover many fields, such as, real estate enterprises, star hotels, high-end clubs and private villas.