Brand alliance
Franchise interests
Rights and interests enjoyed by joining TECO:
. Regional market operation right or exclusive operation right;
. Rich profit space and favorable return on investment;
. For wine dealers, they can provide free guidance on the image planning, design and decoration of the cellar image store;
. Tailor made marketing plan and goods allocation;
. Provide free product brochures, shop spray painting, signboards, pop and other terminal advertising support;
. According to the specific sales volume of excellent agents and dealers, the company cooperates with advertising support in the local region;
. Provide practical and effective promotional gifts and carry out promotional activities on a regular basis for free;?
. Mature cellar life experience hall image store management mode output;
. ERP system ensures the reasonable optimization of dealers' purchase, sales and inventory;
. The company regularly provides guidance and training on marketing and technology;
. Preferential return and exchange policies;
. Professionals assist in market development and maintenance.