Tyco wine cabinet
Constant temperature oak barrel

Product process features

1. Imported high-grade oak solid wood boxes;

2. Classic pattern decoration of oak barrel appearance, antique furniture paint effect;

3. The oak barrel adopts foreign advanced semiconductor technology, without compressor, vibration and ultra quiet;

4. External led liquid crystal temperature display, 12-18 ℃ constant temperature control design in the box;

5. The three-dimensional surrounding air-cooled refrigeration technology makes the refrigeration more uniform;

6. Solid wood wine storage shelf, which can be disassembled and adjusted up and down freely, making the storage space more flexible;

Product model: dk56a

Product category: constant temperature oak barrel

Refrigeration mode: electronic semiconductor

Overall dimension: diameter: 550mm, height: 980mm

Temperature range: 12~18 ℃

Operating environment: 15~38 ℃

Shelf material: chrome plated metal wine shelf

Wine storage capacity: 18 bottles of 750ml bottled wine